"whoops i misjudged how far i can fall without dying in this game yet again" a novel by me


a tragic tale of hubris and horrifically shattered kneecaps





i feel you man


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"Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind." - Henry James

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so let me get this straight. anti-choicers took $500,000 dollars worth of pennies and sealed them in a glass case as a “memorial” to “victims” of abortion. i’m going to say that again. these people have locked away $500,000 dollars as a “tribute” to dead blobs of cells instead of donating that money to actual living breathing children who don’t have basic necessities or homes.

anti-choicers are incredible

Pro-life people* lol but yes you’re correct.

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i’m in love

There are no Deadpool cosplayers. Deadpool sometimes just breaks the 4th wall to show up at conventions.

reblogging again because of the waldo gif

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毬藻 its alive! this marimo is about 6 years old. 

The bottom of Lake Akan in Hokkaido Japan is inhabited by miraculously spherical rare algae called “marimo.” In 1921 they were declared a “Japanese Natural Treasure” and the public’s interest in Marimo was stirred. Many Japanese have Marimo as pets in their homes and offices. They are beautifully soft and smooth like velvet and are very easy to care for. 

Marimo are happiest when they are in filtered water.
Just change their water once a week.

Marimo like baths!
Sometimes you will see cloudy bits of filth clinging to the Marimo. Simply run the marimo under the kitchen sink and he will be clean and very thankful.

Marimo can thrive wonderfully in artificial light but they do NOT like direct sun light. 
When you receive your Marimo it will probably float for a while on the surface, this is the Marimo’s natural way of getting lots of light and then once its had enough he will float down to the bottom. 

In the waters of lake Akan the Marimo bounce around in the lakes current and the current helps them grow into their nice spherical shape so they like to be poked, and moved around. This also helps them get even lighting. its perfectly safe to hold Marimo. Marimo are great pets for children.

Marimo grow 5mm a year and live to be over 100!

Look no further, the Marimo i care for are the greenest and healthiest.
no chemicals are used in their aquarium. 

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Because you just need this gifset of Linda Blair having her demonic contacts inserted on the set of The Exorcist 

Let’s build a fort and have sex in it

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if you use the term “fandom”, then please kill yourself. 

if you tell people to kill themselves for using a harmless term, you’re probably a pretty big douchebag and I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises.

what the hell do i call the fanbase then

the heavenly order of psychopaths

satan’s favorite porn writers

satan’s favourite porn writers


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